A guest speaker, Mr. Hongjoo J. Hahm,  from the World Bank-Croatia will join us next Tuesday, October 9th from 10 am to 11 am in room 116 in the Cotrugli Business Building next door.

All students and staff are invited to attend. This  is the first in a series of speakers that ACMT Zagreb will provide.

Below is a brief background of Mr. Hahm.

Hongjoo J. Hahm joined the World Bank in 1991 as a Young Professional.  Prior, he worked at the Asian Development Bank and taught at New York University and the City University in New York. Before taking his current Country Manager position in Zagreb in 2010, Mr Hahm was the Head of the Infrastructure Unit in the World Bank Office in Jakarta, overseeing the transport, energy, urban, and water & sanitation sectors. He led the infrastructure and hosing reconstruction work in post-tsunami Aceh; the housing reconstruction efforts in post-earthquake Yogyakarta, and the flood mitigation program for Greater Jakarta. He oversaw infrastructure financing in Indonesia for the World Bank, with a focus on financing through public private partnerships (PPPs).

His area of expertise is in finance. His PhD was in financial economics, and he was heavily involved in the banking and corporate restructuring programs in Korea, Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia during the 1998-2000 Asia financial crisis.

Mr Hahm has years of private sector banking experience, having worked at Goldman Sachs from 2000-2005. At Goldman Sachs, he was the Global Head of Central Banks and Official Institutions and worked on numerous M&A transactions and asset management mandates.

Mr Hahm also has years of managerial experience and vast country experience that span from Asia and the Middle East to Central and Eastern Europe.

Mr Hahm received his B.A. from the College of William and Mary, his M. Phil. from the London School of Economics, and his M.A. and Ph.D. in Economics from New York University. Mr Hahm is well published and completed numerous post graduate training including Harvard Business School Executive Development Program, Cambridge University Sustainable Development Leadership Program, and more.

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