Taking a Beginning Croatian class while in Croatia is an excellent opportunity to learn Croatian language for all individuals without any prior knowledge of the language or to all those who wish to expand their knowledge. 

This is a four-credit course consisting of 40 teaching hours throughout 10 weeks of the Spring Quarter.

The goal of this course is:

-  to achieve proficiency in listening, speaking, reading and writing with an emphasis on oral proficiency
-  to provide exposure to real life exchanges and material in order to learn about Croatian life and Croatian culture
-  to acquire knowledge on the geography, the history and the economy of Croatia
-  to help students become sensitive to issues in contemporary life in Croatia
-  to assist students in developing an understanding and appreciation of the diverse cultural perspectives in order to better understand the Croatian society with reference to its culture and history

The student’s learning will be assessed through homework assignments, daily preparation and participation, written quizzes and exams, course project and final exams. The course is taught in English and the teaching will take place in a smart classroom with all the necessary equipment needed for technology assisted language learning.

The class will meet two times a week for two 50-min periods in each session at 17:30 PM on 19:30 schedule. Students can earn four (4) undergraduate liberal arts credits. Cost for this course is 612  EUR.

Quarter start/end dates:
Spring quarter: start March 12, 2012, end May 18, 2012

Please let us know if you would be interested in joining this class by contacting Draženka Franić at drazenka@acmt.hr or at +385 20 433 000.

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