The RIT/ACMT Community Service Day for the Dubrovnik campus will be held on Saturday, September 24th, 2011, between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm. The Community Service Day is an event that the college organizes each year to make a contribution to the local community. The date and action for the Zagreb campus event will be announced soon.

This year for the Dubrovnik Community Service Day we will work with the animal shelter at Žarkovica, close to the city, to undertake a clean-up action. We will be divided into 6-7 working groups and each group will look after cleaning a different section of the shelter.

For those who wish to use the arranged bus service to Zarkovica, please meet at the Pile gate bus stop at 8:45 am. For those who will be traveling on their own please make sure you are at the entrance to the Shelter by 9:30 am so we can begin the action in a timely manner. The bus for returning to the city is organized for 1:00 pm.

"ACMT Community Service Day 2011" T-shirts will be distributed to the first 100 volunteers, and refreshments and snacks will be available for everyone. Tools and equipment for completing our project will be provided, and please be sure to wear clothes that you can work in ( older pants, appropriate footwear, etc. ).

Here is some additional information about the shelter, and some rules of behavior that we will have to abide by.

The Dubrovnik Animal Shelter was founded in 2011 as a non-profit volunteer association with the purpose of preventing all forms of cruelty towards animals, and for promoting a humane and civilized approach towards animals. The association consists of volunteers from all over Croatia and the world.

Currently, there are 378 abandoned dogs in the shelter. They are all vaccinated and free of fleas. The dogs are separated in their cages/boxes, and there are there no aggressive animals being housed in the shelter.

When we arrive at the shelter on Saturday, the dogs will indicate by ongoing barking that they are safeguarding their territory. This does not mean that they are aggressive in any way, but just that they are not accustomed to having so many visitors come at the same time. It will be important for us to behave calmly, and not to make loud noises during the cleaning action, which will also keep the dogs calm. A part of the cleaning action will be to enter the cages with the dogs, so be prepared for the animals to approach you out of curiosity and happiness for an opportunity to interact with you. Each individual entrance and exit from the cages will need to be in cooperation with the coordinators of the shelter who will assist us to ensure that the dogs remain in their homes. For those who wish to participate in the service day, but who are uncomfortable interacting with the animals directly, you can be a part of the group which will clean the common areas outside of the cages.

The success of this event, like all of our volunteer initiatives, ultimately depends upon your participation. I would ask that you all participate our 8th annual event and show the Dubrovnik community how much we appreciate being a part of it.

A sign-up sheet for volunteers will be available at the downstairs reception in the Dubrovnik campus until Thursday, September 22. I look forward to seeing you on the morning of Saturday, September 24th!




Don Hudspeth

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