Apple is offering a special Back to School discount to RIT/ACMTers and its Alumni.  Up to November 14 anyone affiliated with RIT/ACMT will receive 12% off any Mac purchase.  Additional items can be purchased with a 3% discount.

Purchases can be made at any of the following 3 locations in Zagreb:

   1. Store Zagreb:
   2. iStyle Vlaška:
   3. iStyle Arena Centar:

To receive your discount, please present any of the following at the time of your purchase: RIT/ACMT ID (x-ica or indeks) or a verification of enrollment (potvrda).  Faculty, staff or alumni can present a statement of affiliation with RIT/ACMT which would be verified by Student Services.

Please contact Željko Milić at Apcom for any questions or additional assistance at or 091 630 9303 or 098 309 969.

Have a great start of the year,
Student Services

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