Can you guess what is the % of Innovators among our Seniors? What about Challengers? And Dreamers – do we have them?
After they self assessed  their Creativity and Risk-Taking, here are the scores for 101 senior students:
Dreamers (day dreaming, creative, under-achieving) – we do have them, 6,93%
Innovators (fixated on ideas, no compromise) – yes, a good 13,86%
Challengers (critical, no taboos) – of course, one to two per generation - 1,98%
Modifiers (usually liked, interested in gradual change)– 4,95
Synthesizers (creative, avoid risk )– 9,9%
Not surprising at all that the majority of our students are to be found under Planners (31,68) and Practicalizers (30,69%) – avoid risk, action oriented, impatient – anybody comes to mind??? Sustainers, however, we have NONE.

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