The electronic registration will start on Wednesday, July 15, for all year levels for the Fall Quarter of 2009/2010. For your convenience, following documents are uploaded on our website: - ER Step-By-Step - Master Schedule for Fall - Sample Schedules for 2009-2010 - there are four spread sheets. Please find the one that corresponds to your year level (sophomore or junior) and based on the sample schedule, choose your group and create your own schedule, in the useful documents section. Important Notes:
  • *Sophomores* - please note that you will be divided into II groups. Group I will have AE: Introduction to English Literature and Group II will have Microeconomics in Fall Quarter. Number of seats in sections are limited and if you do not succeed to register desired course (i.e Microeconomics) in this quarter then you MUST register AE: Intro to English Literature and register Microeconomics in the Spring Quarter. Beginner Language has to be registered according to the survey you signed last Spring.
  • *Juniors* - you have to choose your Concentrations according to the Intent Form you signed last Spring. - If you have picked Small Business Concentration, you have to take Small Business Marketing/Plan. If you have picked Human Resources Concentration, you have to take Advanced HR. - If you have chosen Sociology Concentration instead of foreign language, you have to take Urban Experience.
  • Environmental Science II: meets only once a week for two hours - the other two hours are field trip times
  • Introduction to Philosophy will be in the fall quarter instead of winter.
  • Beginning Croatian class starts: Fall, Winter and Spring Quarter consecutive class, it can substitute sophomore foreign language if you don't plan to obtain Croatian degree, or be taken as an overload if you want both degrees.

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