Our environmental science professor, Staša Puškari?, got interviewed for the latest issue of the prestigious Forbes magazine. Dr. Puškari?’s solution for the increasing emissions of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere was the main reason for having this article, as it is a topic which triggers the attention of global community.


Problem of elimination of redundancies of carbon dioxide was at first professor’s hobby. During the research of the phenomenon of “Sea Snow” he realized that the solution of the problem was in phytoplankton which needs to be incented to process more carbon. After 16 years of research the result was method known for now under the code name “Gea @275”.


Professor Puškari? didn’t go into to many details on his “Sea Snow” solution to global warming, but if you want to know more details on the concept get the June edition of Forbes or stop by in professor’s office to congratulate him on public recognition and get new information in person!


Illustration: © Forbes Croatia / Tanja Rudeš

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