In our own words – the best of freshman writing seminar 2008

Welcome to the first collection of the best student essays from ACMT Freshman Writing Seminar. The funny, serious, delightful essays collected here are products of a quarter of learning, debate, discussion, and hard work that our class experienced together.

Our classes were lively and fun, but not easy. At the beginning of the quarter, essayist William Zinsser warned these students that “writing is hard work. It’s one of the hardest things people do.” If they did not know this before our class, they certainly know it now.

So why do we do it? Why do we put ourselves through the agony and frustration of trying to put our thoughts down on a page, then revising and changing and rearranging the words until we get them exactly right? These students know why we do this. It isn’t for a grade, or for fame, or even because someone made us do it. It’s because we have something to say. And we can’t rest until we say it.

These students have discovered the magic of words. To produce these essays, they looked inside themselves, at the thoughts, impressions, ideas, fears, joys, embarrassments and successes of their lives. From this chaos of experience, these students created order. Word by word, sentence by sentence, they put their lives on the page. They combined the logic of grammar and vocabulary and punctuation and thesis statements with the magic of inspiration from real life. And many of them did it in a foreign language.

I am very proud of these students, and delighted to share this collection with you.

Prof. Rebecca Charry
May 2008

Student writers:

Blerim Hodža, Barbara Beroš, Angelina Vojinovi?, Mirela Rai?, Marija Novakovi?, Ivan Sršen, ?or?e Mili?i?, Sydney Viaccoz, Dino Lu?an, Dina Drgai?evi?, Nevena Joki?, Ivona Novak, Marija Topi?, Katarina Vrki?, Katarina kusi?, Neda Rubini?, Melisa Kakaš, Maja Matkovi?

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