Senior students Ognjen Matuhina, Spase Nelkovski, and Jonathon Salazar showed their mangerial and leadership skills at the ESCIA “How to Make a Business Plan” competition held in Pontoise, France, from March 3rd – 7th , 2008. Ognjen, Spase and Jonathon joined the students from University of Saint Poelten in Austria, the University of Pula in Istria, Croatia, the Budapest College of Communication & Business in Hungary, the French School of International Commerce in Morocco, Albion College, Michigan, USA, and ESCIA students in Pontoise, France.

Nowadays, the world is becoming more and more interconnected and the teams in the real life working environment are faced with greater diversity. Moreover, new findings show that the percentage of students involved in business creation projects will increase from 28% in 2007 to 43% in 2008. Therefore, it is very important to prepare students for international environment and to teach them how to create projects says Mr. Don Hudspeth, the president and the dean of ACMT, and that is something that what ACMT is proud off. “At ACMT we have students from everywhere, and in order to accomplish their grades, students have to work in teams and develop their projects. Due to previous team experience, ACMTers had no problems to “jump in” on the project concept in France“, said Mr. Hudspeth.

“The ESCIA Business Seminar was truly a great success in continuing to work with students across the globe. Overall, the week was filled with an educative experience in creating a business plan with international students. Not only did we learn many things about ourselves on this trip, but I learned about the French culture and the beautiful city of Paris. I truly hope ACMT continues the program and future students may gain the experience that I did!” says Jonathon Salazar, Senior student.

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