On Saturday, February 23, Dora Tamari-Tutnjevi?, a fourth grade student from Gimnazija Dubrovnik, was announced the winner of this year’s English Language Contest organized by ACMT for high schools of Dubrovnik-Neretva County. The final phase of the contest was held in the Theater Marin Drži? and Dora was awarded a full time scholarship for studying at ACMT.
Second and third place were won by Ivan Lipanovi?, a third grade student from Klasi?na gimnazija Ru?er Boškovi?, Dubrovnik, and Igor Pavlovi?, a fourth grade student from Gimnazija Metkovi?, who were awarded with 50 % scholarship for studying at ACMT.

The rest of our 10 candidates from Dubrovnik-Neretva County high schools who made it to the final phase were: Nikola Crn?evi?, Nino Glavini?, Mihovil Kisi?, Mario Menix, Kristina Novakovi?, ?eni Paskojevi? and Mario Petri?evi?.
The English Language Committee members who graded the finalists were ACMT professors: Rebecca Charry, Gladys Winkworth and Ana Maria Šimundi?.

The presentation topics were related to current global issues: Over fishing of the world’s oceans, Exposing and preventing corruption and fraud in government and business through so-called “wiki-leak” web sites, and Environmental problems in China.
The majority of finalists have chosen “Over fishing of world’s oceans” for their presentation topic and have concentrated on explaining the situation, focusing on causes and effects, as well as potential solutions.

“The goal of this contest is to offer an interactive way of testing the English language knowledge, creativity, presentation and organizational skills among high school population, which also reflects the dynamic way of studying at ACMT”, Don Hudspeth said while opening the final phase of the contest that was open to all parents, friends, high school teachers and principals of our candidates.

We would like to thank Radio Dubrovnik for the media coverage of this event, as well as to congratulate the winners of this year’s ACMT English Language Contest.

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