On-Campus vs. Remote Work


RIT Croatia expects to be open for on-campus instruction, academic research activities, campus programs, and services, in the spring semester. As a result, faculty and staff members with work requirements to be on campus will be expected to be physically present. In accordance with the recommendations issued by the Croatian Institute for Public Health, RIT Croatia will limit the total number of occupants on the campuses at any given time. Department heads will ensure that safe occupancy levels are maintained.


If a faculty or staff member’s work can be accomplished remotely and there are no requirements for them to be on campus, then that individual will be given the opportunity to work remotely. Additionally, if flexible work schedules can be implemented to create safe occupancy levels, then department heads can make these arrangements. The remote work and flexible work schedule arrangements can continue until such time that an employee’s work requires them to be on campus, or until the Croatian Institute for Public Health declares an end to the COVID-19 pandemic, and notification to return to campus is issued by RIT Croatia.


Department heads are required to create a plan of work for their individual department and have it approved by the Human Resources Manager. If individualized safety plans are prepared, they must comply with the requirements of this Safety Plan. Faculty and staff who have concerns about returning to work on campus due to a medical condition that places them in a higher risk group, or those who need to seek a COVID-19-related accommodation, in order to perform the essential functions of their job, should contact their supervisor who will then work with the HR Manager to address the request.