Mitigation Strategies and Return to Remote Operations


It is understood that there may be cases of COVID-19 on campus. The safety policies and procedures outlined in the RIT Croatia Safety Plan, when fully complied with, will protect the RIT Croatia community from increasing the spread. To plan for all scenarios, an RIT Croatia COVID-19 Alert Level System has been established. This system is in place individually for each of the campuses.



Low risk: Underlying threat of outbreak remains, but virus prevalence is low

To Do:

  • Continue with facility safety, cleaning and disinfection protocols—signs, sanitizers, space layout, maximum area capacities
  • Continue with social safety norms, etc.—wear mask when indoors; maintain a 2 meter distance; wash hands frequently; wear masks outside when 2 meters cannot be maintained
  • Limited room capacities
  • Maximum gatherings of 50 people (if national guidelines change and permissible gathering size is increased, consider increasing limit if Green status for > 3 weeks)
  • Awareness campaign regarding community "rules”
  • Visitors allowed on campus if complying with RIT Croatia Safety Plan requirements (masks, physical distancing, etc.)



Low-Moderate risk: Prevalence of virus is low, but indicators show potential for increase in transmission

To Do:

  • Enhanced awareness campaign regarding community "rules”
  • Mandatory wipe down of all workstations before and after use (Faculty, staff, students)
  • If "cluster” identified, halt activity and/or address hygiene/cleaning protocols
  • Capacity for non-instructional spaces limited to 25%
  • Prohibit all social visitors on campus



Moderate risk: Prevalence has increased above baseline and indicators show rates of infection increasing

To Do:

  • Step up enforcement of physical distancing and face mask requirements
  • Mandatory wipe down of all workstations before and after use (Faculty, staff, students)
  • Capacity for non-instructional spaces remains limited to 25%
  • Non-instructional gatherings limited to 10 people
  • Close all student lounges
  • Shift all staff to remote except for those required on campus to provide key student services and in-person classes
  • If "cluster” is identified, halt that activity and/or address hygiene/cleaning protocols (particularly if > 1 week at risk level)
  • Cancel all in-person co-curricular activities
  • Prohibit all visitors to campus except necessary deliveries
  • Start preparations for fully online delivery



High risk: Spike in prevalence, hospital capacity strained

Implement depopulation of campus/remote operations, and move all classes to online format within a maximum of 7 days of Red level announcement.