Isolation or Quarantine

If directed to quarantine or isolate, individuals shall not be allowed to leave their quarantine or isolation space for fourteen (14) days from last exposure unless released earlier by the local public health department. During this period, individuals will self-monitor for symptom development. Additional requirements and procedures may be implemented at the discretion of RIT Croatia. Any individual testing positive for COVID-19 shall be placed in isolation by the local public health department for a minimum of ten (10) days after onset of symptoms. While in isolation, individuals shall comply with all requirements issued by the local health department.

Students who are required to isolate or quarantine will be supported by the university in multiple ways. Faculty will work with isolated or quarantined students to support, as best as possible, their academic work.

Before returning to classes and to campuses, all individualswill be required to submit a doctor’s note confirming end of isolation.