Indicators that will be used to determine alert level


Indicators will be monitored daily and trends analyzed to dynamically respond with the appropriate mitigation measures. The Director of Strategic Development, ITS & Facilities will be responsible for reviewing the following indicators and advising the Administrative Council and Dean on mitigation strategies and alert levels.


Indicators at RIT Croatia

  • Daily symptom positivity trends
  • Number of positive cases/7 days
  • Number of isolation/quarantine cases
  • Observation of PPE use & safety practices


County/Region Indicators

  • Hospital capacities
  • ICU capacities
  • Number of cases & rate of increase
  • Number of isolation/quarantine cases
  • Ministry of Science and Education recommendations and decisions
  • Local/Regional Government recommendations and decisions

In the event that the higher education sector is mandated into online instruction, RIT Croatia alert levels will be monitored according to the above indicators.

In the event that RIT reaches an alert level of red, or as directed by state or local officials, after all other mitigation strategies have been deployed, RIT will move quickly to ramp down in-person activities, move classes online, and send students home. Detailed procedures have been developed based on lessons learned from the shift to remote operations in March and November 2020.