Alumni Presidential Election 2020


Now that the nomination process has ended, we are honored to present you candidates for the RIT Croatia Alumni Chapter President/VP roles- see below candidates and their messages.

  • Voting starts today and remains open till the end of the day, October 26th, 2020;
  • Each Alumni can vote only once for the preferred candidate;
  • Since the selected President will have a dual role and will serve on the RIT Alumni Association Board of Trustees, all BOT Members will have voting rights (each Member can vote only once for the preferred candidate);
  • The candidate with the highest total number of votes will assume the RIT Croatia Alumni Chapter President/ BOT Member position;
  • The candidate with the 2nd highest number of votes will assume the RIT Croatia Alumni Chapter Vice President position;
  • In case we will have candidates with the same number of votes, we will introduce the 2nd round of voting proceess after October 26,2020;
  • Mandate for both positions will be 3 years from the appointment date;
  • To vote for your preferred candidate, send an email to  indicating the name of the candidate you wish to give your voice to.

Benjamin Cikoja

"If there is anything one can leave everyone with then it is this quote "Pretty words are not always true and true words aren’t always pretty”. In this case even though some of my words might seem like a harsh judgment towards our current network or establishment, you can be sure they are true. While we all have our own reasons who we should vote for, it is my hope that I have not disappointed the individuals that felt as though this position would fit me and have put my name forward. Even if all that was achieved was to shine a light to problems that have not been solved, now that they have been brought to light, my fellow opponents will be unable to avoid or ignore them. Let us stride confidently forward and develop our community together as one".
To find out more about Benjamin Cikoja and his candidacy please click HERE.

Tea Franjić

"Vote for me if you believe RIT Croatia Alumni chapter can become even more digitalized and that it deserves better visibility among current and future students."
To find out more about Tea Franjić and her candidacy please click HERE.

Latica Ivković

"Choose the change you want to see in the RIT ALUMNI world and become a part of it!"
To find out more about Latica Ivković and her candidacy please click HERE.

Marija Lončarević

"My success was greatly impacted by the RIT community by the recognition and connection of individuals that come from similar or different fields with RIT background no matter where I found myself in the world. This is what I would love to promote and achieve, to connect RIT Alumni with each other with the goal of creating new opportunities and successes.Thank you."
To find out more about Marija Lončarević and her candidacy please click HERE.


Angela Madjer Krčelić

"I believe that I am the best person suited for this position because not only am I an alumna of RIT Croatia, but I have seen the benefits that this community can offer. Being a part of this community has shown me both its strengths and weaknesses. This gives me a clear vision of what I can do to benefit our community moving forward."
To find out more about Angela Madjer Krčelić and her candidacy please click HERE.

Zoran Pejović

"Dear Friends, the events of the last six months have thought us a lot. First and foremost, it thought us that the world can literally come to a standstill when most of the people believed that we can only move forward and up. It thought us that that the travel and tourism, one of the world's largest industries and one of the hallmarks of our time can come a complete halt. 

Many of us were stranded in between places with our lives completely interrupted, jobs lost, families separated and uncertainty as the underlying and defining characteristics of our everyday lives. Most importantly, we learned more than ever in our lifetimes that we can't do anything on our own, we need communities, not of single minded individuals, but those of strong people that support and help each other, those that promote scientific method and logical thinking, but those that are also emphatic and compassionate and understanding. Literally everyone you know has been and is still under a lot of stress due to the uncertainties about the health, businesses, jobs, and the overall future.

We have many communities, from our small families to the large imagined communities of nations and religions. One community that we all share is our RIT Croatia Alumni community, and this is our chance to build it stronger and at the same time more open, more mindful, and more compassionate. I would like that we work on that project together, as much or as little as one can help, with a nice word, with a little donation, with a recommendation or a story to share. All is welcome and everyone is welcome. May you always be well and be happy!” 
To find out more about Zoran Pejović and his candidacy please click HERE.

Tana Zimmermann

Stay strong, united and supportive to each other more thanever before. Together we can make a difference and demonstrate the truestrength of RIT spirit."
To find out more about Tana Zimmermann and her candidacy please click HERE.