Study Abroad inDubai


During the course of undergraduate studies at RIT Croatia, all students have the opportunity to spend a maximum of two semesters at one of our Global campuses at Rochester or in Dubai, while paying home campus tuition.  Program is excellent way to immerse into foreign culture and life while having full support of the study abroad office in visa, housing, dining, course registration and other services and activities associated with the program.

Why Study Abroad?

  • Brush up on your language skills
  • Meet a diverse range of people
  • Make lifelong friends
  • Discover new and exciting foods
  • Study and learn differently
  • Gain independence
  • Learn self-reliance
  • See your own culture through a new lens
  • Learn more about yourself
  • Gain life experience
  • Cultural experience in a booming new economy
  • Global experience
  • Smaller classes
  • Safe environment
  • Proximity to the east – travel route


Why Dubai?


In 2005, Dr. Mustafa Abushagur, then the director of Microsystems Engineering Ph.D. program at RIT, was sought-out by government leaders in Dubai to discuss the prospects of opening a branch campus of RIT in the rapidly growing Middle Eastern City. RIT Dubai was established in 2008 to provide world-class university programs in the United Arab Emirates for students and professionals from the Middle East, North America, Africa and South East Asia.

Degree programs in such disciplines as engineering, computing, business, city science and service leadership have been selected to support the need for personal and professional development, economic growth and the human capital development in Dubai and the entire Gulf region. RIT Dubai provides a unique study abroad and networking opportunity for students from around the world.


The Campus

The RIT Dubai campus is strategically located in the heart of Dubai Silicon Oasis, one of the world’s leading centers of advanced electronic innovation and design. The Dubai Silicon Oasis master plan is designed as a hi-tech ecosystem which offers businesses a plethora of advantages including a state-of-the-art infrastructure featuring advanced telecommunications, electricity, and road networks. It also features technology investment incentives for large enterprises, entrepreneurial support, an incubation center, and venture capital funding.

RIT Dubai is a cornerstone of the Dubai Silicon Oasis ecosystem offering students, staff and faculty access to a local and regional pool of technical and engineering talent, business plan sponsorship, project/R&D assistance, and mentorship programs.

RIT Dubai students also have access to the many training and development opportunities provided by DSO and the international companies that it hosts such as Yokogawa, SAP, Porsche, and many others.



Home of the man-made islands, the world’s tallest building, luxurious hotels, and largest mall, Dubai is full of once-in-a life time experiences that only amplify the magnificence of engineering feats and cultural diversity. Dubai has emerged as a cosmopolitan metropolis that has quickly grown to become a global city, cultural hub of the Middle East and the entire Persian Gulf region.

Dubai is one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates (UAE). In just the past twenty years, Dubai has transformed itself from a barren desert outpost on the Arabian Peninsula into an exuberant global hub for commerce and tourism. Trade, manufacturing, finance and construction, play a major role in the economic and social development of Dubai.

Dubai is a premier destination for tourists, business people and celebrities from around the world. Attracted to its year-round sunshine and luxurious life style, the number of tourists visiting Dubai each year is expected to top 15 million. Dubai is a modern, cosmopolitan city with a diverse population that spans nearly every culture, ethnicity and religion. The city continues to grow at a tremendous rate and the skyline is constantly changing. Dubai provides endless possibilities for entertainment, culture, relaxation, adventure and an educational experience of a lifetime.

Your experience in Dubai is enhanced by the diversity of cultures, engineering feats and unique activities that surround you on a daily basis. Ride the elevator to the top of the world’s tallest building, the Burj Kalifa, or experience the elegance of the world’s most luxurious hotel, the Burj Al Arab. Travel to the man-made palm islands, shop in the world’s largest mall, ski indoors year-round, travel through the desert in a 4-wheel drive vehicle, horseback or camel, tour mosques and museums that transport you to a different era. There truly is "nowhere like Dubai.”

Application Procedure

Eligible Candidates

Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors are encouraged to apply!

2.5 GPA requirement for Undergrads & 3.0 GPA requirementfor Grad

Undergrads – Students should have completed 2 semesters attheir home campus before arriving at RIT Dubai


The application should be submitted latest 10 weeks beforethe start of the next semester. Students should prepare Study Abroad @ RITDubai Application Form, write personal statement, copy of passport and 1passport photo. Exact deadlines are communicated to students via e-mails, andother promotional materials.

How to Apply

Application documentation

Application procedure via application paper forms that willbe provided in an e-mail communication to all students


All students studying abroad in Dubai for a semester mustapply for a one year student visa.

The processing time for visa is approximately 15 workingdays. You will receive your visa digitally via e-mail prior to your departure.It is important that you print your visa (on a color printer if possible) andbring it with you, along with your passport, so that you are registered underthe appropriate status when you arrive in Dubai.

Upon arrival to Dubai an RIT representative will take thestudent for the medical screening. The student will also be taken to theEmirates ID office to get a national ID card. Once the medical report comesthrough, the student’s passport will be taken to the immigration so that theresidence visa can be stamped in the passport.

The residence visa is valid for one year and MUST becancelled before the student leaves the country. To cancel the visa, thestudent must bring the passport to the Student Services office at RIT Dubai atleast one week before finals week.

Documentation for Visa Application

  • Fill out the Visa Application Form
  • Clear scanned copy of the full first (bio) page of thepassport in JPEG format
  • Clear passport photograph with white background
  • Pay the non-refundable visa fee of AED 2670 as stated in thetable above


You will continue to pay your regular home campus tuition

Program fee for Spring semester includes: Housing (double or single occupancy), visa, orientation fee, transportation and excursions. Please note that dining is not included in the program fee. Estimated cost for Spring 2018/19 is $4595 with a double shared bedroom apartment.

Students will pay all fees and dues at the home campus, except for the visa fee. Program fee should be paid by the tuition payment deadline for the following semester. If there are additional expenses incurred at the host campus which are not included in the program fee, those will be billed to the home campus after the student's departure. Cost of textbooks is not included in the tuition or program fee.

The non-refundable visa fee must be paid directly to RIT Dubai no later than 5 weeks prior to start of classes.

Out of pocket expenses for: Airfare, meals and personal expenses, transportation

DO NOT MAKE ANY PAYMENTS until you have received communication from the RIT Croatia International Office confirming the amount that you owe and the date that you need to pay by.


Healthcare & Health Insurance

Do I need Vaccinations?

No vaccinations are required if the student is arriving directly from USA. If there are transit countries involved, this requirement may change.

Will I have Health Insurance?

Student must obtain health insurance before arriving to Dubai. They must be fully aware of insurance policies set by their own insurance provider.

Optional Student Medical Insurance is available at RIT Dubai for a fee of AED 2500.


Housing, Food & Dinning

Housing options

Dubai Silicon Oasis

Newly built in 2016, the housing is approximately a 5 minute ride from campus.

Free round-trip transportation is available to campus in addition to nearby malls and the Rashidiya metro station. Shuttle service between housing and RIT Dubai runs Sunday-Thursday and an evening shuttle to the nearest metro station, malls and other points of interest runs daily (including weekends). To further explore the city students can use the metro, bus, taxis or water taxis.

The student housing buildings are gender segregated and specific building allocations are based on student enrollment and availability. Study abroad students will be co-mingled with students from RIT Dubai and other local university students will also live within the building. Students can expect to share a bedroom and accommodations are available with a shared in-room kitchen or a shared floor kitchen.

Accommodations include:

  • Furnishings with beds, study table, chair, lamp, shelf, built-in wardrobes, personal safe and fridge
  • Bathroom in each room
  • 24/7 security
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Gymnasium
  • Social areas
  • Dining facility (pay as you go, no meal plan available)
  • Free laundry services
  • Free weekly basic cleaning service for rooms is available

Dining Options

RIT Dubai does not have meal plans either on campus or at the dorms. Students pay as they go. Students can prepare their own meals in shared kitchens within their housing and there are restaurants nearby that offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The UAE unites all Arab nations together, creating wonderful opportunities to try new and exotic cuisine. Food delivery in Dubai is popular and students can easily find a variety of takeout options nearby ranging from, but not limited to, American, Arabic and Italian. In addition, those with a taste for other cuisines can sample the colorful dishes from Thailand, China, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran to name a few.

For more information about dining please check following link  


When you are approved for Spring Term at RIT Dubai, please work with your academic advisor to select classes that complete your necessary degree requirements and also provide you with new and interesting course options! You can visit RIT Dubai web site for academic affairs

Does program include any field trips?

Field trips are based on the courses that the student hasregistered for. Some courses include field trips. Some do not.

Student Testimonials



RIT has the amazing offer to study on three continents and get one degree, which drove my decision enroll RIT and I would regret to leave this opportunity behind. Above all I wanted to explore the country and culture of the Middle East. I took exciting courses like Arabic language, East-West Encounters and Islamic Culture just to name a few. Besides my studies, I made many interesting connections and visited a lot of places. The campus offers many extracurricular activities like sports clubs and excursions, what makes it easier to integrate. Above all I enjoyed the fusion of a fast-growing modern country with endless opportunities and the Islamic tradition.  As a tip I can advise to inform yourself about the culture and dos and don’ts in Dubai in advance, however everyone will be understanding and helpful in the beginning especially, so there is no need to be scared as long as one is respectful and open-minded at all times. It can be quite easy to spend a lot of money in Dubai due to the abundance of offers like shopping malls, restaurants etc. It is good to set a weekly target of an amount of money to spend to keep it under control. For me it helped a lot to prepare my own food and learn how the public transport connects the best way, speaking of busses and metros. Also, I could connect the program with my Co-op in Dubai, which was part of this lifetime experience and I learned a lot of exciting things different from everything I was used to so far. In the end I think it is important in our branch to be open-minded and get out of the comfort zone. This is why the Global Scholar Program for me was an excellent way to grow and set myself apart for my future career.

Maja Utrobičić, HTM Dubrovnik