RIT Global Scholar at RIT Dubai

Study abroad at RIT Dubai: Frequently asked questions

What is Global Scholars Study Abroad program?

During the course of undergraduate studies at RIT Croatia, all students have the opportunity to spend a maximum of two semesters at one of our Global campuses at Rochester or in Dubai, while paying home campus tuition. Program is excellent way to immerse into foreign culture and life while having full support of the study abroad office in visa, housing, dining, course registration and other services and activities associated with the program.


What is the timeline of sumbitting the application for SA?

The application should be submitted latest 10 weeks before the start of the next semester. Students should prepare Study Abroad @ RIT Dubai Application Form, write personal statement, copy of passport and 1 passport photo.


After the student has been accepted:

The non refundable visa fee must be paid directly to RIT Dubai no later than 5 weeks prior to start of classes. Students should submit Housing Application Form & Visa application form.


When can students expect to know if they are chosen for the program?

The Study Abroad office will be notified of a decision within 2 weeks of receving the student's Study Abroad Application. VP of Academic Affairs at RIT Dubai to make deicsion.


Which students qualify for the program (yr level, academic status)?

Cost of the program (housing; meal plan; helath insurance; program fee- orientation etc.; visa expenses; course textbook; misc. Spending) – budget sheet
Program fee includes: Housing in double room at the Dubai Silicon Oasis Student Accommodation, Orientation, Transportation to/from Dubai Silicon Oasis Student Accommodation to RIT Dubai campus, Excursions, total 16,445AED or $4,477. Please note that dining is not included in the program fee.
Please check table below

RIT Dubai Study Abroad Program fee

Housing at the Dubai Silicon Oasis Student Accommodation in double occupancy room 12,000 AED
Orientation fee 170 AED
Transportation to/from Dubai Silicon Oasis Student Accommodation to/from RIT Dubai campus 500 AED
Excursions (Big bus tour, Desert Safari, Musandum Trip, Aquaventure, Ferrari World 1,900 AED
TOTAL Program fee payable to home institution 14,570 AED/ $3,970
Visa Expenses (Includes Residence visa and Emirates ID) payable directly to RIT Dubai
Account Name: RIT Dubai
Branch: Dubai Silicon Oasis
Account Number: 1102425560201
IBAN Code (mandatory): AE390260001102425560201
2,670AED/ $727


Additional expenses table:

Additional expenses for RIT Dubai

Dining $3000
Insurance $800
Flight $500
Personal expenses $1000
Total: $5300


How do students pay for the program (is procedure any different from RIT Rochester SA)?

Students will pay all fees and dues at the home campus, except for the visa fee. Program fee should be paid by the tuition payment deadline for the following semester. If there are additional expenses incurred at the host campus which are not included included in the program fee, those will be billed to the home campus after the student's departure. Cost of textbooks are not included in the tuition or program fee.


What are the benefits of this program?

Cultural experience in a booming new economy. Global experience. Smaller classes. Safe enviroment. Proximity to the east – travel enroute.


How does meal plan/housing work?

RIT Dubai does not have meal plans either on campus or at the dorms. Students pay as they go. There are coffee shops and restaurants on campus. For more information about dining please check following link https://www.rit.edu/academicaffairs/global/food-dining-dubai


What do I need to apply for student visa?

Can students work while on campus (do they require special visa for this purpose)?

Student may work on campus, but will require special persmission to work off campus.


What if students take semester SA and than decide to stay for summer coop- what is the procedure regarding the VISA; where they can search for employment opportunities?

As of now, the system only requires that the university gives the student a No Objection Certificate, allowing the student to complete an internship (co-op) for educational purposes.


Do students have to spend the whole semester at RIT Dubai?

Undergrad students - Yes.
Grad Students – just for the duration of their course.


Are there any vaccinations students will need?

No vaccinations are required if the student is arriving directly from USA. If there are transit countries involved, this requirement may change.


Do students have health insurance and what is the cost of health insurance?

Student must obtain health insurance before arriving to Dubai. They must be fully aware of insurance policies set by their own insurance provider.
Optional Student Medical Insurance is available at RIT Dubai for a fee of AED 2500.


What courses can students take (IB, IT, IHSM program) and how can they register for classes?

Check with your academic advisor at your home campus and visit RIT Dubai web site for academic affairs https://www.rit.edu/dubai/academics/bs


Do students have peer mentors?

This can be arranged at the Academic Support Center and the Tutoring Office


Does program include any field trips?

Field trips are based on the courses that the student has registered for. Some courses include field trips. Some do not.